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Why I am looking for the Fountain of Youth

“Why do you do this?” is a question I am often asked when people see my recently launched Youtube Channel. For me, the answer is clear, inspiring, and purposeful.

I believe that we have the power to make age-related death optional within our lifetime. To me, todays’ scientific evidence indicates that it is just a question of time until we will be able extend to our healthy lifespan indefinitely and stop age related diseases (Dr Sinclair’s book “Lifespan”, was which initially convinced me).

However, the “for-profit-world” we currently live in, suggests that such a breakthrough would rather be available to a select few at the top. IMHO, indefinite youthfulness should be a human right! Available to everyone — at no cost — no exceptions!

I know that this sounds hard, even impossible, to achieve, but this motivates me to do something about it: Making age-related death optional for as many people as possible (including myself 😉 feels like my life’s purpose. My personal journey of optimizing myself and my environment has fueled my fascination with the world, life, and technology. The realization that procrastination was holding me back inspired me to engage in a quest to free myself from pain and suffering. In turn, this journey has made me acutely aware of the pain and suffering of others, and I feel passionately about alleviating it.

But how do you actually increase your chances to indefinite youthfulness?

There really are only two ways to increase your chances to indefinite youthfulness: Either live longer or make the breakthrough happen earlier.

That why we need to work on three things:

  1. Living a healthy life to extend our lifespans
  2. Accelerating the pace of innovations that will make indefinite youthfulness a reality sooner
  3. Spreading the vision that A) the real Fountain of Youth can be discovered and B) every human should have a right to take a dip (or more) in it.

My vision is to build a scalable system that makes indefinite youthfulness a possibility for everyone. So, join me on the Quest to the Fountain of Youthand lets start building together.

Let’s all stay young enough to have the best possible shot at staying youthful indefinitely!

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